Le Lagon de Bilene, Mozambique


Un stade de glisse
Une lagune aux eaux turquoises, un vent stable, le climat tropical de l’océan indien, un spot parfait pour découvrir ou progresser.
15 km de downwinds, de speed spots, un accès direct au spot de vague, Bilene est un concentré de conditions idylliques pour les sports de glisse.
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Riders confirmés
Un terrain de jeu unique en son genre, vierge, au vent stable, eaux chaudes, de nombreux spots de flat, des downwinds dans un cadre magnifique.
Un coach OLK pour vous guider dans les spots, possibilités de vidéos pro, le tout avec un centre de kite directement sur la plage.

Découvrir le Kite, progresser:
Notre zone de cours est unique en son genre, eau chaude, 1m de profondeur sur 1 KM², vent stable, sans marée ou courant, votre progression sera optimum dans ces conditions parfaites.
Les cours sont donnés par votre moniteur IKO, en suivant ses standards tout du long de l’apprentissage.
Le spot est parfaitement sécurisé, avec de l’équipement de l’année, radios, casques et gilets.

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Praia Do Bilene, in the province of Gaza, is located 140 km from Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, and a few hours from Johannesburg (Capital of South Africa), Bilene is an emerging tourist area of great natural beauty.

It is a lagoon of 15 km in length with direct access to the Indian Ocean, which is not affected by the tides.


The white sand beach and crystal clear waters are shallow, so it is very safe for children, and fully suitable for water sports


With calm waters and constant wind, on its coast a good offer of accommodation has been developed, maintaining the traditional aspect and the local culture of the area, which coexist in perfect harmony with the tourism of more than 64 different countries, which usually visits the area.

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Early morning, you can see on the beach of the lagoon, the arrival of fishermen, in traditional boats loaded with fish and seafood, which can be bought at the local market.


Since it is located near Maputo, Bilene has good communications and supplies all kinds of products. It is a zone of contrasts, which has all the amenities and services (gas stations, ATMs, good internet connection, restaurants ...), but retains a traditional atmosphere of great charm.


In the local market you can buy local fruits; You will re-discover the flavor of mango, and avocado, or a papaya in Mozambique.


The barracas: the local bars of Mozambique are met as barracas. Both locals and visitors, enjoy local tasting 2M and Laurentina beers.
Frango con Patatas is almost the national dish. Chicken cooked on the grill with charcoal and fried potatoes, which can be seasoned, to taste, with Piripiri, the powerful local hot sauce; nothing more simple and delicious


Transfer to Bilene: the road from the airport to Bilene is a journey of colors, which goes deep into nature, passing through small towns where you can appreciate the traditional and rural life of the country.



Mozambique is located in southeastern Africa. With about 2570 km of coastline.

Of great beauty and natural diversity, it has several parks and national reserves with almost 100,000 km2, such as the Gorongosa National Park, part of the Kruguer Park or the Zinave National Park.

It's large coast side allows many incredible spots to enjoy kitesurfing


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