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Placed on the perfectly safe lagoon with side on shore wind. The conditions to learn are unique, idyllic, extraordinary ... and these words may fall short.

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Following International Standards

With 5 years  experience instructor, our school follows the procedures set out by the best International federations. This method guarantees a safe and comfortable learning for the student.
Everything is designed to help you enjoy this magical sport.



Set up all kite equipment, security systems. Learn wind window and spot conditions.

Take off and land kites, control with one hand and walk with the kite.

Bodydraging, re-launch the kite. First waterstarts


With radio equipement : Increase speed, upwind ride,

First turns and jumps


Advanced ride, jumps, tricks, strapless, advanced equipment triming.

Video analysis, adapted and personalized training for every-level

riders with OLK certified instructor

All brand new full range of Eleveight 2019
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OLK Coaching
Our center is an OLK network partner, the number 1 network of quality francophone schools abroad.
We offer from standard one hour session coaching with radio, to full set coaching  with video analysis.
OLK provides you with free educational videos so you can continue learning at home.
Professionnal Video footage
With professional equipment, see video page

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